Monday, February 2, 2009


TJ was our 1st puppy ever born! His parents are Apple and Waylon and TJ is now officially a STUD!
Waylon is Kim's male. He is definitely a stud muffin with the girls!

Diezel is Jessie and Ryan's male. He is having a playdate with Calley right now (player!!) - I'm sure these pups will be just as cute as their last!

Jackson is the Official stud of Coppershaven Boxers. So what that he is neutered?! He was our 1st boxer and he started all of this magic and mayhem! Although, he did have two accidental litters with our old Golden Retriever and he is the businesses "Official Heat Detector" - See, he's still a total stud!!

Our Girls

These are our female boxers. Peaches actually has a new home now, but I wanted to include her anyway! Stella is our newest addition to the family. The pictures show them in order of their "senority" and do they ever pull that card!

Web of Needles - pine that is!

Frozen Giant

This guy just seemed taller and "greater" somehow on this frozen day! Photo taken 1/25/09 11:45 am

Crystalized Pine

So, this is a branch from one of the pines in our backyard. I messed around with the exposure and some editing and this is what I came up with! Photo taken 1/25/09 at 11:40 am